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What one drink can offer the complexity and nuance of wine, or the innovative flavors of craft beer? From funky barrel-aged styles to dessert styles akin to ice wines… it’s American cider, the alcoholic kind! Cider is resurgent with exciting new producers and varieties and Iroquois wants to introduce you to it’s many virtues!

Cider, once America’s drink, was long ago buried by beer and trampled by the temperance movement. One of the world’s oldest alcoholic beverages is currently experiencing a rebirth. This isn’t the sweet, unfiltered apple juice that most Americans think of as cider. The hard stuff is usually fermented from the myriad varieties of tart, bittersweet apples grown for drinking rather than eating.

Ciders are naturally gluten-free, and are hitting store shelves at a time when gluten-free diets have gained in popularity, due to a rise in celiac disease (an intestinal disorder that is tied to consuming gluten) and a growing awareness of the potential benefits of such a way of eating. See MoreSee Less

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Today’s Free Wine Tasting begins at 4:30 and runs through 7pm. Don’t miss the fun!
We’re introducing a family of exotic wine blends by the Australian winery, Belvidere.
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